Maskinpakking AS is Norway’s market leader for contractual production and packaging solutions, with more than 60 years’ experience.

Maskinpakking is the largest packager of dry food and produces substantial production solutions for companies such as for example Kraft, Lantmännen and Stabburet.


Maskinpakking has a production volume of more than 3 000 tonnes of food each year. Most of this volume is procured by Maskinpakking and mixed on our premises according to customer requirements.

Maskinpakking has more than 100 machines available for the production and packaging of goods.

Maskinpakking is a Norwegian, privately-owned and independent business operation.



Maskinpakking, Postboks 253, 3471 Slemmestad, Tlf 31 29 73 00, Fax 31 29 73 01,