Proof of Maskinpakking’s efforts can be seen in the fact that Maskinpakking has received the following awards:

2 Scanstars
2 Worldstars
1 Scanstar
1 Worldstar
1 Scanstar       
1 Wordstar


The Scanstar competition is a packaging competition arranged each year by the Scandinavian Packaging Association. It is open to all companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Island, regardless of whether one is a designer, design engineer, manufacturer or user of the packaging in question. Since 1991 almost 700 submissions have been made, and around 140 of these have received awards.
Submissions are judged on the following criteria: design, novelty, user-friendliness, protective capabilities, cost and the environment.
Winners of Scanstar awards are automatically forwarded as submissions for a Worldstar award.
Worldstar is the same concept as mentioned above, but is for the whole world.




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